POD Intel® Xeon Phi Trial Program

We welcome you to try POD for free for a limited time in partnership with Intel. Run your code in our ready-to-use HPC-optimized environment. All fields are required except where noted.

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Use of any software component of the Intel® Parallel Studio Cluster Edition product installed on this cluster system implies you agree to the terms of an Evaluation license found in the End User License Agreement (EULA).


Intel® Xeon Phi
POD HPC cloud
Remote Access Program

In partnership with Intel, Penguin Computing
POD is providing limited, free access to Xeon
Phi nodes for one month - including 10GB of
free storage on POD’s high-speed Lustre
  • Bare-metal Intel Xeon Phi compute
  • Lustre, parallel filesystem storage
  • Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Landing)
    7210 Processor: 16GB DDR4, AVX512
  • 96 GB RAM per compute Node
  • Omni-Path low-latency MPI fabric
  • Precompiled Xeon Phi applications
  • World class HPC support

Your login to POD will also provide you with optional access to all of POD’s HPC compute resources. Contact us for details.