Private Cloud

Customers who have a requirement for computing resources to be located at facilities they already have available choose the Penguin's Private Cloud offering. Penguin Computing engineers work with you to design a cluster that fits your workload and facility requirements. The Penguin HPC Cloud team takes care of installing and configuring your cluster and will take care of all operational and maintenance tasks using a combination of remote and on-site resources.

We can reserve a portion of our public cloud for you on a monthly or yearly basis, or we can design and host a specific configuration tailored to meet your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Penguin also offers an HPC Hybrid Cloud configuration for those users seeking to utilize the on-demand offering to augment their internal capacity. Many businesses have in house clusters that meet their daily demand. Sometimes new projects or excess demand for short periods requires additional resources, new hardware, or different networking topologies than the in house cluster provides. In these instances Penguin HPC On-Demand can be configured to handle that excess load. It can be utilized simply to run your current workload, or you can use it handle jobs requiring Infiniband or GPU support before investing in that functionality in house.

Penguin's HPC Expertise

Compute, storage, and network infrastructure to suit your HPC cloud needs.

POD Private Cloud

Customized High Performance

Penguin Computing offers a private cloud option that is configured to order, meeting any organization’s unique performance, storage, availability, security policy and compliance needs. As a leading HPC manufacturer and integrator you can be sure that Penguin Computing will optimize your environment for virtually any application you need to run at an efficient price point, taking advantage of our expertise, economy of scale and large partner network.

For well over a decade Penguin Computing has been the leader in developing open, Linux-based cloud and HPC solutions. With our unmatched Linux expertise, Penguin Computing offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, ranging from Linux servers and workstations to integrated, turn-key HPC clusters and cluster management software.

You can be assured that our HPC experts will build a highly-secure, customized cluster that gives your organization full control of the software stack and underlying infrastructure. As a managed services provider, we completely handle systems management, security, data protection and other services so you don’t have to, providing highly-available, highly-secure HPC environments and peace of mind for everyone in the organization.

Specialized Security Options

The POD private cloud offering comes with the industry-leading security you'd expect from Penguin Computing - plus customized security policies that are aligned with business needs. These include encrypted file systems, VLAN separation and air gap secure environments. In addition, our custom security solutions built on our underlying HPC infrastructure enable you to work in an iTAR compliant environment.

Penguin's HPC Expertise

Compute, storage, and network infrastructure to suit your HPC cloud needs.

Cloud Storage