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WRF Versions

There are various WRF versions available on POD. Use the module command to see the available versions. If you need any additional versions installed, please email pod@penguincomputing.com.

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ module avail wrf

----------------------------- /public/modulefiles ------------------------------
wrf/3.5/gcc.4.4.7      wrf/3.5/intel.12.1.0   wrf/3.5.1/intel.12.1.0

WRF Example

A sample submission script is available at /public/examples/wrf-examples/wrf_example_1.sub. This is a self contained script that runs the default January 2000 case illustrated in the official WRF tutorial. To run the sample:

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ mkdir test_wrf
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ cp /public/examples/wrf-examples/wrf_example_1.sub test_wrf
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ cd test_wrf
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ qsub wrf_example_1.sub

To set up a working directory for running WPS + WRF + UPP from the public install, use the POD WRF utility script called build_wrf_workdir. This script takes a directory name as parameter and creates the appropriate folder structure for running WPS and WRF:

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ module load wrf/3.5.1/intel.12.1.0
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ mkdir test_wrf
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ build_wrf_workdir test_wrf
[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ ls test_wrf
UPPV2.1    WPS   WRFV3

Geogrid Data

Geogrid data for all available resolutions (30”, 2’, 5’ and 10’) are available in /public/apps/wrf/WPS_GEOG. The ‘geog_data_path’ field of WRF's namelist.wps has already been configured to use this geogrid data.

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ ls /public/apps/wrf/WPS_GEOG
albedo_ncep  islope                     soiltype_bot_2m
greenfrac    landuse_10m                soiltype_bot_30s
hangl        landuse_2m                 soiltype_bot_5m
hanis        landuse_30s                soiltype_top_10m
hasynw       landuse_30s_with_lakes     soiltype_top_2m
hasys        landuse_5m                 soiltype_top_30s
hasysw       maxsnowalb                 soiltype_top_5m
hasyw        modis_landuse_20class_30s  ssib_landuse_10m
hcnvx        modis_landuse_21class_30s  ssib_landuse_5m
hlennw       orogwd_10m                 topo_10m
hlens        orogwd_1deg                topo_2m
hlensw       orogwd_20m                 topo_30s
hlenw        orogwd_2deg                topo_5m
hslop        orogwd_30m                 varsso
hstdv        soiltemp_1deg
hzmax        soiltype_bot_10m