CD-adapco (StarCCM+)

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StarCCM+ Versions

Various versions of StarCCM+ are available on POD through the module command. If you need any additional versions installed, please email

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ module avail starccm

----------------------------- /public/modulefiles ------------------------------
starccm/7.02.011          starccm/8.02.008(default) starccm/8.04.010
starccm/7.04.011          starccm/8.02.011          starccm/8.06.005
starccm/7.06.012          starccm/8.04.007          starccm/8.06.007

StarCCM+ Power on Demand License

To use your StarCCM+ Power on Demand license, choose the appropriate StarCCM+ version using modules and set CMDLIMD_LICENSE_FILE to use the CD-Adapco license server. You will also need to define your project key as defined in your CD-Adapco Power on Demand license configuration.

module load starccm/8.02.008
export CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE="1999@"
export LM_PROJECT='enter_your_project_key_here'

StarCCM+ Example

After configuring your license, leverage POD's optimized OpenMPI with these commands:

module load openmpi/1.6.4/gcc.4.4.7
export OPENMPI_DIR=/public/apps/openmpi/1.6.4/gcc.4.4.7

You will then need to launch starccm+ with a number of flags to indicate the RSH binary to use, and the use of OpenMPI for MPI communication. Here is an example that can be found in /public/examples/starccm-examples:

#PBS -S /bin/bash
#PBS -N starccm
#PBS -l nodes=2:ppn=16
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -q H30

# environment for starccm+ using native openmpi
module load starccm/8.04.010
module load openmpi/1.6.4/gcc.4.4.7
export OPENMPI_DIR=/public/apps/openmpi/1.6.4/gcc.4.4.7

# set license environment for cd-adapco Power On Demand
export LM_PROJECT='enter_your_project_key_here' 


starccm+ -power -rsh /usr/bin/bprsh -batchsystem pbs -mpidriver openmpi -batch cavityQuad.sim
exit $?