Monitoring Jobs on POD

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obs can be monitored at the command line using the qstat command.

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ qstat
Job id                    Name             User            Time Use S Queue
------------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
23224.pod                  XHPL-8x12        penguin               0 Q M40  

The job status can be any of the following. Please note that the "Complete" job status is informational, indicating that your job has finished and billing has ended. "Complete" jobs cannot be deleted as they are no longer running.

State Description
Q Job is queued, eligible to run
R Job is running
E Job is exiting after having run
H Job is held
C Job is complete, billing has ended

To only view running jobs (with more detail):

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ qstat -r

                                                                               Req'd    Req'd      Elap
Job ID               Username    Queue    Jobname          SessID NDS   TSK    Memory   Time   S   Time
-------------------- ----------- -------- ---------------- ------ ----- ------ ------ -------- - --------
23224.pod            penguin     M40      XHPL-8x12         56282     8     96    --  24:00:00 R 00:14:02

To see very detailed information about a job:

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ qstat -f <jobid>

Monitoring System Group Jobs


Through PODTools, users can monitor the jobs of their managed users. To enable system group management, please follow these directions:

1. Login to the POD Portal as the top-level manager user.

2. Create a new system group under the Manage My Accounts & Groups menu

3. Add all users you wish to have visibility into under the new system group.

4. Email POD Support the name of the new group

5. Request an API key and secret under "Account Settings" (the top right pulldown menu under your email)

6. Finally, configure your podtools.conf file to use your API key and secret


On POD MT1, first load the podtools module

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ module load podtools

Then, use the podsh command with -g to query job status on your System Group:

[penguin@podmt1 ~]$ podsh status -g mygroup

Monitoring Jobs with a GUI

In the POD portal, follow the links in the left menu for the MT1 or MT2 Job Manager to monitor jobs and to submit jobs.