Generating SSH Keys on Linux/Cygwin/MacOS

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If you have an existing SSH public/private key pair you can upload your public key.  You would normally find that in in $HOME/.ssh/ and is named by default.  

If you don't have an existing key pair you can generate them using these commands:

From a shell, type this command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "me@mylaptop"

The "-t rsa" option specifies the type of key to create and the "-C" option is a comment field. When you manage more than one key this field can help you identify keys. Follow the prompts, taking note of the install location of the key (usually ~/.ssh).

When asked to enter and confirm a passphrase, choose a strong and well-secured passphrase.

The public portion of the newly created SSH key pair is now ready to be uploaded into the form. Copy and paste the entire contents of ~/.ssh/ file, name it and check the box to indicate the install location.