Intel and PGI Compilers

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IntelĀ® Compiler Suite

To use POD's Intel compiler installations, you will need a valid Intel license that can be accessed from POD.  There are three ways for customers to access Intel licenses from POD:

1. License File

Upload a valid license file into the folder: $HOME/intel/licenses to enable immediate access.

2. FlexLM Server on POD

Penguin will host FlexLM servers for customers free of charge.  If you wish to migrate your Intel license to POD and have it hosted on a FlexLM server, please contact POD's support team.

3. Remote FlexLM Server

Alternatively, POD's support team can help you establish a secure tunnel to access an existing FlexLM server at your organization.   Please contact the POD support team to establish a tunnel to your license server.

All Intel tools are listed under "module avail intel".

[penguin@pod ~]$ ls $HOME/intel/licenses

[penguin@pod ~]$ module -l avail intel
- Package -----------------------------+- Versions -+- Last mod. ------
intel/11.1.0                                         2013/04/25 13:19:03
intel/12.1.0                                         2013/12/13 18:37:52
intel/2015                                           2016/06/09 16:24:13
intel/2016                                           2016/10/06  1:17:13

Portland Group PGIĀ®

Penguin can provide access to PGI compilers for use on POD.  
Please contact POD's support team to enable access.

Use "module avail pgi" to see the current list of available PGI compilers.

[penguin@pod ~]$ module -l avail pgi
- Package -----------------------------+- Versions -+- Last mod. ------
pgi/10.9                                             2015/12/14 23:24:44
pgi/11.9                                             2015/12/14 23:24:18
pgi/13.6                                             2015/12/14 23:23:11
pgi/15.10                                            2016/01/26 22:11:51