Migrating to MT2

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MT1 and MT2 storage are in different datacenters, cross connected with fiber for easy data migration.  To use MT2 you’ll have to create new login nodes and run your jobs on the new B30 queue.

The B30 queue has Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz processors with 28 cores per node, so you’ll want to update your submission scripts to take advantage of the additional cores.

From the portal at https://pod.penguincomputing.com just click on the “POD MT2” location in the left hand menu.  You’ll then see a button to create a login node there.  Most users will simply create a free login node which now has more memory,  but one can create other login nodes if necessary.

You can optionally set a quota for the Lustre system if you’d like.

You’ll also have to visit the “SSH Keys” page and install your SSH key on the MT2 cluster.

If you’d like to transfer files from MT1 to MT2 just scp to mt2-xfer1: from your MT1 login node.  You can also rsync though that node.  If using rsync you’ll probably want to load the lustreoptimized/rsync (module load lustreoptimized/rsync) as it does both multi-threaded copies and uses intelligent stripeing on the destination.

If you’d like all or most of your data moved from MT1 to MT2 we can move the data over for you.  Please open a ticket with email pod@penguincomputing.com for assistance with moving large amounts of data.

If your MT1 login node has been customized, please contact email pod@penguincomputing.com for assistance in customizing your new node.