Scyld Cloud Workstations on MT2

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Our Scyld Cloud Workstations are so popular, we made them available on every login node of Penguin Computing On-Demand.  You can now view your results in either 2D or 3D on all POD systems.  Our 2D and 3D remote workstations are Linux machines connected to the cluster fabric.  You no longer have to wait to download large data files to on premise workstations to post-process simulations. 

No plugins or application clients are necessary. Access is provided through HTTPS, requiring no additional ports through the firewall. This unique architecture saves bandwidth, improving image quality and ensuring near-universal accessibility for users.

On MT2, every customer can create a 2D remote workstation free of charge.  If you require 3D, you can easily create a 3D remote workstation that can be powered on and off on demand.  There is a charge for using 3D workstations.

Please see instructions below to set up both your 2D and 3D remote workstations on MT2.

  1. Select "POD MT2" from them left menu on the account overview page
  2. Click on "+Create a Login Node"
  3. Give your login node a name
  4. Select an image type (Currently MT2 Login node CentOS 7)
  5. Select an image type
    • for a free 2D workstation
    • pod.scw for a 3D workstation
  6. Click "Continue"

Once your login node is ready to use you'll see a name in the "Hostname / IP" column on your POD MT2 resources page.  You can ssh to that name for CLI access to your new node or click on the link to open a Scyld Cloud Workstation.

Use your portal email and password to log into the SCW.

Please remember to "PowerOff" your pod.scw node when not in use so that you are not charged while you're not using it.